VLC General Contracting is highly experienced in commercial building and remodel and renovation work and look forward to helping you with all of your needs.

Design. Construct. Complete.
With a Creative Flair.

The construction industry is very dynamic and requires strong problem solving professionals. At VLC General Contracting, we are those professional problem solvers.

VLC General Contracting provides professional construction services to A.I.A. architects, designers, and developers and works directly with clients for their commercial projects.

VLC General Contracting is well versed in ADA requirements for commercial buildings. If you own a commercial building that contains an office, retail store, restaurant or other use that is open to the public, you may be required to provide access to your building that complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

To comply with the ADA, a commercial building must meet these minimum standards:

  • Provide at least one accessible route that complies with ADA rules from a parking lot to an accessible entrance.
  • Provide at least one publicly accessible entrance that complies with ADA rules.
  • Provide at least one toilet facility (if toilets are present) that complies with ADA requirements along an accessible route.
  • Provide accessible routes from an accessible entrance to all publicly used places on at least the level of the accessible entrance (whenever practical).
  • Locate displays, written information, documents and other materials where they can be seen by a seated person.
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